Change For Kenya

“A Little change can make a Big difference”

A small group of friends, all from Amherst Regional High School, have decided to fundraise for the next two years in order to participate in a Me to We volunteer opportunity in Kenya.

Members of the group include:

  • Emma Bishop
  • Jasmine MacKinnon
  • Mackenzie Noiles
  • Abbie Smith


While many kids our age are interested in sports and typical ‘teenage’ activities, we want to take our passion for making positive change and learn the skills we need to make that change in our community and around the world.


A Me to We trip offers young people unique opportunities to give back to communities. It provides many opportunities for meaningful participation, including the following experiences:

  • Direct involvement in development work: Volunteering with local Me to We projects allows participants to engage in international development in a hands-on way.
  • Leadership training: The unique training gives participants the tools to create change at home, enabling travellers to use the experience gained from the trip as a catalyst for social action.Me to We
  • Community interaction and cultural education: Me to We has strong ties and a history with all the communities in which they are involved with. Me to We trips gives young people the chance to explore the diversity and contrasts that exist in the world by exposing them to both the joys and the challenges faced by host countries. They will not only visit historic landmarks and cultural sites, but will also get unprecedented access to communities in need.
  • Hands-on volunteering and the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way: The trip gives young people a new perspective on the world and their place in it. They are able to provide certification of participants’ volunteer work for resumes, post-secondary applications, graduation requirements, course credits, etc.
  • Social issues education: Guest speakers, facilitators and in-country staff share their knowledge of the country and the issues it faces through lectures, reflections, informal discussions and cultural experiences.
  • Renewed sense of community: Helping to redefine the sense of empathy, compassion and a full understanding of the power of communalism.
  • Action planning: All participants set goals and build personalized action plans for making a difference when they return home from their trip.

In short, Me to We volunteer trips offer participants a platform to engage with social issues, community members, family and friends and the world.


Past Fundraising Activities                     Upcoming Fundraising Activities

BBQ Bottle Drive
Bake Sale Raffles
Craft Sale BBQ
Christmas Basket Raffle Bake Sale
Lobster Raffle Yard Sale